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Understanding your rights and obligations in the workplace is crucial for both employees and employers. Employment law, a specialized area of the legal field, deals with the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the employer-employee relationship. This is why it’s essential to have the right legal help when dealing with employment law matters.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is a broad area encompassing all areas of the employer/employee relationship. It is primarily composed of both federal and state statutes, including administrative regulations. Topics within employment law include workers’ rights, workplace discrimination, wage laws, and wrongful termination.

The right time to seek legal help in employment law matters is as soon as you anticipate a legal issue. This could be when you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, when you’re facing discrimination or harassment at work, or when you’re unsure about the terms of your employment contract. Early legal advice can help you understand your rights, explore your options, and make informed decisions.

Employment law covers a wide range of legal matters. Here’s a brief overview of the most common ones:

  • Wrongful Termination: This occurs when an employee’s contract of employment has been terminated by the employer in a situation where the termination breaches one or more terms of the contract of employment, or a statute provision in employment law.
  • Discrimination: This involves treating a person less favorably because of their particular characteristics such as gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion, and others that are classified as protected characteristics.
  • Harassment: This includes unwanted behavior linked to a protected characteristic that violates an employee’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

Free Resources for Employment Law

There are several free resources available online for those seeking advice on employment law matters. Here are a few:

Our Employment Law Free Legal Advice Hotline is designed to provide you with the legal advice you need. When you call, your call is routed to our 3rd party partners who are experienced in the field of employment law. These legal experts will do their best to help direct you in the right direction and assist you in making the correct decisions. They can provide advice on a range of employment law matters, from understanding your rights to navigating the complexities of employment law.

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